S-3: Core-to-Core Groningen Workshop 2012


Core-to-Core Program “Computational Materials Design on Green Energy” and
Zernike Institute, University of Groningen, Joint International Symposium
Hampshire Hotel - Plaza Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands
November 18-21, 2012

Based on the present status on Spintronics and Moltronics (Molecular Electronics), including both the computational nano-materials design and experiments, we are trying to discuss the future direction of the research for the realization of energy saving Spintronics and Moltronics. We also aim at finding collaboration between the design and experimental groups. We invite the key experimentalists, theorists, and designers to localize and analyze the present problems for realistic applications and to solve the difficulties through collaborations. The major subjects of the Core-to-Core Groningen Workshop are:
(1) Realization of High-Tc for Spintronics and Moltronics
(2) Control of Magnetization and Spincaloritronis by Electric Fields
(3) Colossal Magnetic Responses due to Electric Field and/or Codoping
(4) Self-organization for the System Integration (Bottom-up Nanotechnology)
(5) Control of Spin (Angular Momentum), Charge (Electric Field and Current), and
     Electron Mass (Thermal Kinetic Energy and Heat) by Nano-Lithography (Top-Down Nanotechnology)
(6) Electron Correlation Effects in (Oxide) Hetero-Structures and Interfaces
(7) New Spintronics and Moltronics Materials
Local Organizing Committee:
Ria Broer (chair) (Zernike Institute, University of Groningen)-Chair
Margriet Derix (secretariat) (Zernike Institute, University of Groningen) -Secretariat
Hisazumi Akai (Groningen Center for Education and Research of Osaka University)
Tamalika Banerjee (Zernike Institute, University of Groningen)
Maria Antonietta Loi (Zernike Institute, University of Groningen)
Beatriz Noheda (Zernike Institute, University of Groningen)
Thomas Palstra (Zernike Institute, University of Groningen)
Bart van Wees (Zernike Institute, University of Groningen)

International Organizing Committee:
Hisazumi Akai (Osaka)
Stefan Blugel (Julich)
Ria Broer (Groningen)
Peter H. Dederichs (Julich)
Olle Eriksson (Uppsala)
Hiroshi Katayama-Yoshida (Osaka)
Risto Nieminen (Aalto)
Bart van Wees(Groningen)
Su-Huai Wei (NREL Colorado)

Registrations for participation and poster contributions are welcome and should be made by using the registrations and abstracts submission forms on website:


The deadline for registration and submission of abstracts is November 10.

Registration fees:
November 18 (Sunday)          50.00 ユーロ
November 19 (Monday)          50.00 ユーロ
November 20 (Tuesday)         50.00 ユーロ
November 21 (Wednesday)     50.00 ユーロ

Excursion & dinner:
November 20 (Tuesday) afternoon 50.00 ユーロ
Groningen Museum and city tour, dinner in town

November 18 (Sunday)
14:00 - Registration
15:10-15:20 H. Katayama-Yoshida (Core-to-Core program)
15:20-15:30 T.T.M. Palstra (Zernike Institute)
Keynote lecture
15:30-16:30   B. Koopmans (TU Eindhoven)
Plenary talks
16:40-17:20 S. Bl?gel (J?lich)
17:20-18:00 K. Sato (Osaka)
Session 1: Moltronics I
18:10-18:40 Y. Morikawa (Osaka, organic/metal interfaces)
18:40-19:00 I. Hamada (Osaka, moltronics)
(19:00-21:00 dinner)
November 19 (Monday)
9:00-9:30 Registration
Session 2: Spintronics I (semiconductor spintronics)
9:30-10:10  B. van Wees (Zernike Institute) "Graphene spintronics"
10:10-10:30  M. Seike (Osaka, d0 ferromagnetism and others of TM oxides)
10:30-10:50  H. Katayama-Yoshida (Osaka, self-organized devices)
11:10-11:50 O. Eriksson’s group (Uppsala)
11:50-12:30 P. Bobbert (TU Eindhoven)
Put up posters
Session 3: Spintronics II (metallic spintronics and TMR/GMR)
13:30-14:10 I. Mertig’s group (Halle, non-equilibrium)
14:10-14:50 H. Ebert’s group (Munich, spin Hall)
14:50-15:30 M. Ogura's group (Osaka, methodology and conductance)
15:50-16:30 T. Banerjee (Zernike Institute) "Probing spin transport at the nanoscale"
16:30-17:10 M. Shirai’s group (Sendai, Half-metallic-based spintronics)
17:10-17:40 J. Flipse (Zernike Institute) "Spin caloritronics"
November 20 (Tuesday)
Session 4: Spintronics III (devices and other topics)
9:00-9:40 T. Oguchi’s group (Osaka, Spin-orbit coupling)
9:40-10:20 P. Entel’s group (Duisburg, spincaloric transport)
10:20-10:50 S. Parui (Zernike Institute) "Unusual features in the bias dependence of spin
                        transport in metallic spin valves"
11:10-11:50 T. Ono’s group (Osaka, transport)
11:50-12:30 B. Sanyal (Uppsala)
12:30-13:10 M.A. Loi (Zernike Institute)
Excursion to Groningen Museum, city tour, and dinner in town
November 21 (Wednesday)
Session 5: Spintronics IV (surface and interfaces)
9:00-9:50 S. Bl?gel’s group (J?lich)
9:50-10:20 N. Akhtar (Zernike Institute)
10:20-11:00 H. Kasai's group (Osaka, magnetic catalysis/surfaces)
Session 6: Moltronics II (surface and interfaces)
11:20-12:00 R. Nieminen's group (Aalto)
12:00-12:30 Zernike (TBA)
Session 7: Moltronics III (new spintronics and moltronics materials)
13:30-14:10 S. Biszri (Zernike Institute)
14:10-14:50 R. Chiechi (Zernike Institute)
15:10-15:50 M. Montanese (Zernike Institute)
15:50-16:30 R. Broer (Zernike Institute)
16:30-17:10 P.H. Dederichs (J?lich) "Superparamagnetism in Gd-doped GaN"